Condominium Voting–Getting It Right

The Declaration of Condominium must provide for unit owner’s membership and voting rights in the association. F.S. 718.104(4(j).   The Bylaws must also contain many mandatory provisions regarding voting. F.S. 718.112 (2).  Florida law permits electronic voting for condominium associations, provided certain requirements have been met. F.S. 718.128. Special requirements must be met before electronic voting will be lawful. F.S. 718.128 […]

Condominium Disputes

Condominium Disputes Florida law defines the term “dispute” as it relates to condominium law. According to Florida law, F.S. 718.1255 (1): “Dispute” does not include any disagreement that primarily involves: title to any unit or common element; the interpretation or enforcement of any warranty; the levy of a fee or assessment, or the collection of an assessment levied against a […]

Fiduciary Duties of Condominium Boards

Fiduciary Duties of Condominium Boards Florida law imposes a fiduciary duty upon condominium officers and directors of the association. F.S. 718.11 (1)(a). Civil or criminal penalties may result from unlawful actions. F.S. 718.11(1)(d). Attorney Herbert Allen has experience with condominium boards. If you need help with your condominium board, please contact me at 321.779.1211. I answer my own telephone and welcome your call. The duties […]